Illinoisbroadband is a leading broadband innovation and strategy company. Our team brings together the latest insights and knowledge in broadband networks, technologies and business models to help our customers transform their organizations into successful next-generation broadband service providers.

IllinoisBroadband was founded in 2008 as a consulting firm dedicated to helping its clients build profitable, long-term infrastructure businesses by offering accurate estimates on their projects, helping them achieve customer acquisition targets, submitting project proposals for alternative broadband technology procurements, providing expertise on implementation of next-generation broadband systems and other related services.With broad knowledge of the global market for next-generation technology and extensive experience working with telecommunications providers internationally to design world class networks that provide superior connectivity at an affordable cost.IllinoisBroadband has been involved in the development of multiple network architectures around the world that have been deployed by multinational companies such as AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Smart Communications (Philippines), Telefonica O2 UK (3G), Rogers Communications (Canada) with over 100 additional deployments worldwide.

We are experts in fiber optic cable systems deployment that create redundancy capabilities for enhanced services in different areas of operation. Our history of leveraging our analytical skills to quickly identify strategic opportunities lends itself to